Youth In 50

This program is designed especially for seniors who want physical activity to be adapted as a new habit to their weekly routine to take care of their health and continue living a fulfilled life. 

You can join the program regardless of age, fitness level, or weight. To put it in prospective, if you have never trained or exercised your entire life or if you have already ran a marathon and you are already in a good shape this program is for you.

All participants will be traveling in a journey that goes as follow:

  • Body composition analysis test (Before and After).
  • Goal setting.
  • Daily lead behavior measurement.
  • Benchmark workout to measure fitness level progress.
  • Daily workouts that contains:
    • Warm up.
    • Skill development.
    • Movement technic
    • Daily varied workouts which is programmed with attention.
    • Cool down.

Youth In 50