Terms and Condition

Please make sure to read the following Terms and conditions before completing your membership purchase:
  1. General
  • Fitness World Company, which is known for its sports’ clubs under the name of (C STATION), reserves all the right to change its location, working hours, type and quantity of equipment and number of sessions from time to time according to its own estimation. It also reserves the right to change the quota and classes schedule in order to accommodate the development of sports and associated training methods.
  • Fitness World Company (C STATION) is seeking to maintain a safe environment to encourage all members to do their best in order to get the best results. Fitness World company’s employees (C STATION) expect all members to maintain all their mental and physical abilities in their actions and to refrain from abusive actions towards employees, programs or other members.
  • Fitness World Company (C STATION) is committed to maintaining the health and safety of all customers and employees, and it will not tolerate any unreasonable attitude, threat or unlawful behavior as sports activities are performed at the member’s own responsibility. We recommend that a comprehensive medical examination may be conducted prior to the activities. The gym administration is not responsible for any member’ injuries.
  • Fitness World Company (C STATION) has the right to judge and respond appropriately to behavior. This right includes, but is not limited to, the termination of membership of any member engaging in an unacceptable conduct. Members must pay for any damages to the property of the Fitness World Company (C STATION) arising from an intentional behavior or carelessness of the member, member’s guest or member’s children. Fitness World Company (C STATION) reserves the right to terminate the membership of any person refusing to comply with these rules and regulations. Fitness World Company (C STATION) also reserves the right to add, change or cancel the membership rules and conditions.
  • Fitness World Company (C STATION) is giving the young members’ safety the ultimate importance. No children under the age of 15 years, who is not registered in any child program, is allowed to be in the gym unless being under the direct supervision of an adult member at all times or after his parent has signed the child’s disclaimer agreement. Members of the children’s program at Fitness World Company (C STATION) may be between 7 and 14 years old. Please see the disclaimer agreement for more details of adult and youth athlete behavior during these sessions. Fitness World Company (C STATION) also reserves the right to restrict anyone registered on the national registry for sexual misconduct from accessing the facilities during the children’s exercise.
  1. Behavior
  • Member must be committed to wearing sports outfit.
  • Fitness World Company is not responsible for the lost or stolen items. The missing items will be kept in the gym’s lost properties box for one month and then will be donated to charities.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the gym facilities at any time.
  • In Fitness World Company (C STATION), it is not permitted to use stimulant drugs and those who trade or take them inside the club will be subject to penalty. Also considering that the gym is obliged to participate in programs to detect steroids approved by the General Sport Board, including the possibility of performing random examination of athletes.
  • Members must handle all equipment and tools carefully and, if weights and accessories are used inside the gym, the member must return them to their places.
  • Members should commit to parking in the designated parking spaces.
  • The customer must sign the disclaimer document to activate his/her membership, as it is considered a prerequisite for activating the subscription.
    • Membership level can only be upgraded or reduced once it is finished.
  • Members must pre-register to reserve a place in the class before attending either using the application provided by the club. Classes and working hours can be found on the app (woodify athlete).
  • “open gym” service is offered for unlimited memberships only.
  • The duration of the limited membership is only valid for one month, and the customer will not be able to make use of the remaining sessions if the month end.
  • The membership is not allowed to be used by any third party other than our members. Check-in is also required when visiting the gym by entering the membership number or barcode, and the misusing of the membership number will give us the right to cancel the subscription without any compensation.
    • Any new member has the right to cancel his/her membership within a maximum of three days from the date of paying for his subscription. Considering that 20% of the membership cost will be deducted in exchange for the three-day sessions provided by Fitness World Company (C STATION) and the administrative expenses paid to activate the client’s membership.
    • Fitness World Company (C STATION) will refund the member within a maximum of 15 days, and the customer must complete cancellation form provided by the receptionist and inform the employee of his/her intention to cancel the membership to make the refund arrangements.
  • If the customer wishes to renew his/her membership, he must pay the price offered at the time of renewal, as Fitness World Company (C STATION) reserves the right to change prices as it deems appropriate.
  • The subscription will start automatically on the same day of purchase unless you notify Fitness World employee to start on another day.
  • When you purchase a one-year membership using a monthly installment payment plan, you give Fitness World Company the right to automatically and monthly debit the amount owed from the card used when purchasing your membership at the start.
  • At the start, when you purchase your one-year membership, you will pay for two months in advance which leaves the payment plan with 10 more payments to complete the contract. You will pay for month 1 and month 12.
  • In the event that the customer does not comply with the contract and fails to pay the monthly subscription fee, Fitness World Company has the full right to retain and not to return the advance payment that was paid at the beginning of the membership for month 12.
  • If the customer fails to pay the outstanding payment after two consecutive months of the due date, he/she will be blocked from getting a one-year membership forever.
  • If the customer fails to pay the outstanding payment, he/she will not be able to register, attend the sessions and benefit from the services provided by the Fitness World Company.
  • For the one year-membership, members can freeze their membership for 30 days, this period will be added automatically to your membership so there is no need to request a.
  • None of the other memberships can be freeze.
  • Student traveling to study abroad for more than one year can freeze their membership. You need to bring a proof of studying abroad to get the freeze.
  • If a client gets an injury that prevents him from exercising for 6 months or more, he/she will be eligible to freeze his/her membership. You need to bring a proof of injury.