It’s a registered sport in the Olympics. Basically, it requires the player have to lift the barbell from the ground to overhead position in an explosive way requiring a mix between peak strength and flashing speed. There are two types of moves are practiced in Olympic weightlifting which are “Clean & Jerk” & “Snatch”.

Latest studies have shown that Olympic weightlifting is not only beneficial for the sport practitioners or weightlifters but it’s also considered a greatly useful exercise in someone’s daily workout routine. Whether you are an athlete or want to just improve yourself, or improve your form, or just want a good body, weightlifting would be suitable for you. Some of the benefits of practicing weightlifting:

  • Increase the explosive power.
  • Increase speed.
  • Develop the body form.
  • Enhance core strength and balance.

You must start by learning the basics and the correct form and technique before adding any weights. Learning weightlifting is done by specialized coaches. Olympic weightlifting has a lot of technical details which require continuous practice and repetition to master it, which can be very rewarding at the end because of the benefits gained and the fun part while practicing.